Rules for On the Level Trading Website

In order to provide the best experience to all our members, we ask each to abide by these guidelines. Failure to adhere to the following rules may result in account banning and even permanent termination. No refunds given.
  • We are not investment advisors. Do not ask us to look at your watch list and/or portfolio and give advice.
  • Since you an all others have paid for access here, respect each others contributions.
  • Remember some members do not wish to reveal their identity or personal information.
  • Do not ask for a member’s trading account access, wallet addresses or private keys.
  • Publishing content from this site or chat on social media, message boards, blogs, etc. is prohibited.
  • Do not shill your bids, sells, holdings, thinking of buying, latest markets, etc. We like to hear your progress and successes, but boasting or promoting risky trading is not permitted.
  • No posting links, websites, etc. for other services that are risky, phishing, doxxing, or otherwise harmful.
  • No advertising or promoting products or platforms for personal gain to members of the community.
  • Harassment, abuse, hate or discriminatory speech will not be tolerated. Please keep the language PG rated.
  • Absolutely no pornography, violent/gore/shock/NSFW imagery or links to such are allowed.
  • Since politics, religion, and similar topics can be controversial, refrain from this type of conversation.
  • Bantering and jokes are permitted, but make it clear. Racist, sexist, or such type jokes are not permitted.
  • FUD is unverified or otherwise baseless information meant to spread “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” it is a major force used to manipulate public opinion and market prices using misinformation. If you have concerns or “bad news” verify it with appropriate sources and allow others to pitch in their opinions. Blatant attempts at FUD or other baseless hype claims will be issued warnings and/or deleted.

With time as you observe the chat rooms operate, you will find yourself at home. Most of all, contribute to the discussion and have a great time. If you have an issue, report it to an admin or email